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Outside of the athletics, the next important piece of a true Highland Games are the clans.

Every year we strive to bring to Dothan the clans that help make every Highland Games what they are.  Clan representatives from all over the southeast have traveled to join us in our endeavor to present the best possible games here in Dothan AL.

If you would like to attend as a clan, we have two ways for you to apply.

Option 1, fill out the application on this page. If you choose to fill out the application online, we will contact you and finalize all the options you have chosen.

Option 2, download the form using the link above, fill it out and mail it in with your check.

We have empty spaces available. We also have tents, tables, and chairs available to rent. You can fill out how many you would like to request in the form. Please note, quantities are limited.

If you choose to fill out the online application, please make sure to fill out all the blanks in the questionnaire. When we contact you, we will include your total, with all the options you have chosen. We will also include a link to pay via PayPal.

Please note, without an application on file, we cannot prepare for you at the event. Phone conversations will not guarantee you a spot.

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    (334) 695-8212
    (334) 618-3369
    PO Box 10553
    Dothan, AL 36304