Vendor Application


If you would like to attend as a merchandise vendor, we have two ways for you to apply.

Spaces are limited to 15′ x 15′.

Option 1, fill out the application on this page. If you choose to fill out the application online, we will contact you and finalize all the options you have chosen.

Option 2, download the form below, fill it out and mail it in with your check.

We have empty spaces available. 

If you choose to fill out the online application, please make sure to fill out all the blanks in the questionnaire. When we contact you, we will include your total, with all the options you have chosen. We will also include a link to pay via PayPal.

Please note, without an application on file, we cannot prepare for you at the event. Phone conversations will not guarantee you a spot.

Vendor Application
PO Box 10553
Dothan, AL 36304

    Will you need power? $20

    Do you have a Dothan Business License?